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Supervisor Peter Wade 585-437-2206 townsupervisor@townofrushford.com
Deputy Supervisor Scott Walter 585-437-2382  
Councilman William Tucker 716-474-7400 Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Town Hall
Councilman Charles Bliss 585-437-5453
Councilman Ken McElheny 585-437-2425
Town Clerk Tracy Pastorius 585-437-2206 tracypastorius@townofrushford.com
Highway Superintendent William Westfall 585-437-2265  
Justice Joseph Fusco 585-437-5137 jmfusco@nycourts.gov
Assessor Russell Heslin 585-437-2206  
Code Enforcement Officer Clair Beeman 585-365-2928  
Historian Becky Cole 585-437-2533 rushfordhistorian@gmail.com
Dog Control Officer Leslie Clagett 585-698-4641